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London, United Kingdom
Most of my products come from silly thoughts and ideas that I have thrown together for friends or myself. They were not originally designed with the thought of selling. However, others asked where they could get one, so I have started throwing them in here. I do not steal images from anywhere, They are drawn, or messed about with from my own doodles/photos/mashups (not sure you can call it art) If it is a bit close to one you know already, I apologise: but is probably just a coincidence and probably been subconsciously thought of from something I saw somewhere once. (the WWW is a big place) Before anyone asks, or indicates - The name comes from a throwaway line in a DiscWorld book, and has nothing to do with disabled rabbits. (I like rabbits). It then became a joke name when I was playing games, and kind of grew from there.
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