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bright clothes for bright people!
Sudak, Crimea, Rusland
My name is Layanna. I am an arnithologist and a big fan of Sphinxes. Since my very childhood I have been drawing a lot and I relly enjoyed it. I could have never even imagined that it would be associated with my work in a grown up life. You can find my art work everywhere - in notebooks, on the album pages, even wallpaper and furniture. After graduating the high school I attended designer classes and got interested in computer art. At the beginning I painted in a fantasy style. Elves, dragons, mermaids and other fairy-tale characters interested me the most. Since 2002 my life consisted mostly of Sphinxes. Once I saw these incredible creatures I fell in love with this beautiful cats. I have been drawing these amazing cats since then and the number of Sphinxes in my house began to expand too. I have been breeding cats of the Canadian Sphynx who is 11 years old now. That is why I have so many drawings of this particular breed. But I can draw various animals as well. At the moments I live in Crimea. As an adult I have my own space. I travel a lot around the world . I love to capture the beauty of life into my drawings. I love life and I am pleased that she answers me back. I can draw portrait of your favourite animal. You can become the owner of an exclusive art that can be used in decorating clothing , interior or accessories for mobile devices. You can always order cozy t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts with my finished drawing . I am also specialized in building websites about animals and manufacturing any printed products such as business cards, postcards, trading cards and many more. By having my services you can make your pet be always next to you. You will be able to boast its beauty in front of others. In order to make a reservation please be free to email me at layanna@layanna.ru I will be glad to our communication and looking forward to work with you .
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