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Unique Designs on Decorating Essentials in styles to suit your taste.
Cleveland, Ohio
As it's name implies, the HoMeArts shop focuses on products essential for setting up your home for practical, daily activities and for satisfying your desires to have a home decorated to reflect your personality and aesthetic pleasure. - The artwork adorning most of the products here are the completely original creations of the digital artist, Leslie Sigal Javorek. The remaining rest are Leslie's original re-interpretations of ancient patterns & vintage designs. You'll find an eclectic mix of artistic styles (Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Cartoon, Watercolors, Oriental, Mid-Century Modern, Geometric, Abstract, Islamic, Buddhist, Tribal Art, Amish Quilt Patterns, Cute, Girly, Goth, etc.) and subjects (holiday themes, funny, cars, music, animals, flowers, landscapes, motorcycles, patriotic, & much, much more. Most products can be personalized at no extra cost, and if you like what you see but don't find exactly what you want, just click "Contact This Designer" button, specify what you're looking for & Leslie will get back to you personally within 48 hrs.
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