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Visual Artist, illustrator, Graphic Designer, Tattoo artist and more
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I've been a visual artist for over 20 years; from Acrylics on canvas at the earliest to Watercolors of all types, Inks and Acrylics on illustration/watercolor papers, you can say I've evolved a lot artistically and have mixed medias a lot and still do today. My style, I guess, would be something along the lines of "Outsider Contemporary/Surrealism", "Dark art", "Horror art" and "Absurd art". In 2008, I started tattooing as a private session tattooist exclusively, but I have not explored the field in depth so far and it will take more place in my art with time as I do not want to work in a shop and only want to work on very custom, artistic and original designs. In 2010 I've graduated as a Graphic Designer from a private college and have been working for myself or as a freelancer almost exclusively. Of course, it was my plan to work for myself in design, but I needed to make a name for myself and work for other companies to be solid enough to work as a freelancer; but this field is over saturated and offers little chance of making your place, unless you know the right people, as here in Montreal, it is the way it works: either you know the right people and you get chances, or you know no one in the best places and you get...no where. So faced with that reality, I've done work for some companies as a freelancer, making little money for working my self off, and creating products online and as an artisan, which is still a work in progress. To summarize: I am a creator through and through! If you like an artwork, but can't find it on a product you like or if you are searching for a specific color scheme etc., whatever it is, drop me a message here or on my Wsite with what you are looking for as far as changes to an existing product or design, and I will make a version with your desired changes available A.S.A.P. To learn more about me, or to contact me, please visit my website: http://jeanmicheldesmeules.wordpress.com/ Thank you for your visit and your comments!
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Jean-Michel Desmeules