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Adorable designs for everyone!
Amsterdam, Nederland
Hello! My name is Desiree and I'm a mother of two boisterous young boys: a 4 year old toddler I call the Tot and a baby-boy I call Baby-Monkey. I raise them together with my Hubby and our ginger cat Henk. I love to draw and craft, and basically do anything that means a little bit of happiness comes out of my hands. I love making things that brings a smile to people's faces. Be it art, crafts or food. Or even singing, though I think only my children will smile at that! As a child, I used to draw a lot. My parents were fortunately very supportive of my creative side, and made sure that supplies and learning sources were always readily available. Next to that, I grew up with a computer in the house, which (way) back then was still fairly special. It introduced my to drawing digitally and it's brought a whole, beautiful, world of creativity and possibility to me. I'm very grateful to my dad for always having the patience to explain computer-stuff to a rather untechnical daughter. Which is how I ended up drawing and desiging on a computer and opening an online store! I hope you'll find something that will make you a little happier! Enjoy shopping!
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