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Graphic and Hand drawn Designs by Kimberly
MI, MI, Verenigde Staten
My desire is to harness the Power of God's Love to help generate monies for impoverished communities in various neighborhoods throughout the City of Detroit and other Cities within Michigan to help rebuild our communities by repairing Churches and Homes (Occupied) that are in need of repair & likewise raising monies to help feed, clothe and assist families that are in need within these residences. I would likewise like to incorporate, in my efforts to reduce homelessness, by raising monies to house homeless families (With a permanent residence) with children so they can have a school to attend, after-all, "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!" I look forward to renovating my own Church that is in need of repairs as it is now declared a National Site and is one of the first Good Fellows Building's in Detroit, MI; and it would be a Blessing to be a Blessing to our neighboring communities; to invite the Families in to Worship with us as God need a body to work through and in, and I am that Body, and I need you! It takes a true labor of love to want to help someone you may not even know, and it could be you or me one day, we just don't know! Money raised from this shop, will offer an opportunity for low income residents and not-for-profit organizations located in these types of communities an opportunity to receive financial assistance for various repairs and renovation to its buildings and residences, and I am offering my artistic and creative talents to help generate an ongoing stream of income needed to reach my goal. I'll not be deterred by lack of funds any longer & with so many generous & kind hearten Loving people out here, I have decided to turn to you for your gracious contributions to helping heal these communities, to help them thrive, flourish, raise hope & lift spirits for better today, tomorrow & future. "All Life Matter's" to me. Thanks for your continued support! Blue Doves - PlayBill Store New & Upcoming Artist Kimberly P.
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