Aanbevolen Briefkaarten


“I was extremely impressed with my entire experience with Zazzle.com. Their website was very easy to use. I ordered two types of stamps, one that I designed myself, and the other that was pre-designed. The ordering process was even easier, since I had already placed my order in my shopping cart, I was able to check out & place the order through my smartphone. The order processed the same day and my stamps shipped that very day!! I paid for 2 day shipping and actually received my order in less time than that. I would highly recommend Zazzle.com to others. I used the stamps on my wedding invitation & RSVP cards. I had a lot of great feedback from the guests! Lastly, I don't know how it works, but it may be because of the bar code on the Zazzle stamp, but when I went to the post office to have my wedding invitations "hand canceled" there was no need because the Zazzle stamp was already cancelled, so off went my invitations, saving even more time! Thank you Zazzle.com!”
— Erika
“My response is way overdue on this; I honestly thought this was just too good to be true, and it took awhile for me to believe it. But I checked my account, and you have indeed been true to your word. I am very rarely surprised in a good way with corporate (or even human) behavior because I have very high expectations. I think my expectations have been surpassed maybe 10 times in my pretty long life, and this instance definitely counts as one of them. I have been telling everyone who will listen about Zazzle and your exemplary customer service - and, unfortunately for other companies, you have raised the bar. Thank you - and believe me, you have earned a loyal customer, which is great because I love having an excuse to buy more things with my dogs on them!”
— Grace


Zend je persoonlijke bericht op een unieke briefkaart van Zazzle. Stuur je favoriete foto of deel je grote nieuws met vrienden en familie over de hele wereld. Kies uit duizenden creatieve ontwerpen voor elke gelegenheid, of maak een unieke briefkaart vanaf scratch met je eigen afbeeldingen en tekst. Of je nu een bruiloft aankondigd, een bedankje of verjaardagskaartje stuurt, Zazzle custom briefkaarten zijn een geweldige manier om van je te laten horen! Alle custom briefkaarten worden aan 2-zijden, full-color geprint. Bestel je kaartjes vandaag nog!